Better Brewing

How do you brew your coffee at home? Do you brew it at all? Maybe you open a jar of instant and roughly measure a teaspoon into a mug and add boiling water?

Until I opened a coffee shop back in 2006, I was a pretty sure I liked Douwe Egberts ‘Gold’. I’d make it a little stronger than most and add half a spoon of demerara sugar and a dash of whole milk to get it just the way I liked it. I enjoyed the ‘pop’ as I plunged the spoon through the paper seal on a new jar, and having lived a chunk of my teenaged years in Holland I fancied the dutch knew a thing or two about coffee so I was drinking a good thing.

Thankfully, while searching for a suitable location for Relish, I chose to indulge my slightly obsessive streak and learn a bit about coffee. I entered the UK Barista championships in 2006 and met a man called James Hoffmann who has become possibly the best known coffee geek in the world and now owns Square Mile Coffee Roasters.

It was after sharing a cafetiere of an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe with him that I decided to explore making better coffee at home.

What I learnt was that unlike espresso, it isn’t really the equipment that matters, it’s almost everything else. The beans, the roaster, the grinder, the water, the temperature, the steep time, the ratios and the recipe. My favourite piece of brew kit cost me about £6 and has lasted several years, it’s as simple as it gets but I’m pretty sure I get to drink a near perfect coffee every morning because I understand the ‘everything else’

On Sunday 17th April I’m sharing that knowledge in a little course I’m giving. It’s called Better Brewing at Home. It’s at Relish, it starts at 9am. I’ll feed you freshly baked croissant and way too much coffee and fill your mind with the important stuff so that with a little practice you’ll be making yourself a much better coffee in the morning.

The course is £60 and there are just 5 spaces left. Call us on 01208 814214 or drop me an email via the website if you’d like to book.